The most versatile and feature-rich ingest and encoding systems for multi-format video capture, encoding, transcoding, and live streaming. Ideal for a vast array of multiscreen distribution opportunities and file-based production and archive workflows.



Leverage Zenium™, the industry’s most extensive microservices-based platform, to power virtualized and cloud-based needs. Perfect for any scale, from the smallest deployments to the most sophisticated live and file-based workflows, for fully virtualized or hybrid environments.


From Technical Support to Professional Services and Custom Projects, we have you covered with our highly experienced team and proven base of technology.


Why Choose Us

Through our cumulative corporate history, Antix Digital has been your partner and provided you with award-winning products and solutions for 20 years! With the re-launch of the company in 2020, we have infused our team with new talent, while empowering past star performers, to evolve existing products and to develop new ones that will power your live and file-based workflows for the next decade.

Encoding, transcoding and distribution are certainly key aspects of commercial content delivery. In addition to this expertise, you also want your technology provider to understand the whole supply chain, while also versed in the development, deployment, marketing, and servicing of both its products and solutions as well as your end offerings.

Whether it’s broadcast, cable, satellite delivery, studio, news, live streaming, sports venue and events, eSports, government, corporate, education, or house of worship applications, we at Antix Digital strive to understand your challenges and look forward to supplying you with the highest quality, robust, and scalable solutions to ensure you optimally reach your audiences and maximize revenue opportunities with end users.

  • Award-winning enterprise class products and solutions
  • Multiple deployment models from appliances to virtualized or cloud environments
  • Flexible licensing with capex or opex pricing models
  • Scalable and extensive microservices-based Zenium™ software platform – enables fast development of new market features, the basis for a rich toolkit for delivering customized workflow solutions
  • A great team focused on building innovative products and providing the best customer experience

Live Streaming and Linear Distribution

Our live encoding solutions are the preferred choice for thousands of customers worldwide, including broadcasters, MVPDs, online content portals, news outlets, sports venues & live events, eSports, Fortune 500 corporations, government, education, and houses of worship.

Studio and File-Based Workflows

Hollywood studios and entertainment outlets all over the world have relied on our transcoding technologies to produce and process tens of thousands of hours of video every month.