At Your Service

Whether it’s Technical Support or Professional Services to help with product deployment or custom capabilities and specialized projects, you can call on Antix Digital.

Technical Support

Please refer to our CONTACT US page for Technical Support email and phone number information. You will find a familiar and welcoming voice to support you through any issues.

With the re-launch, Antix Digital is re-enabling service and support plans for prior generation products, even if they were announced as end-of-support prior to the Antix Digital launch. Please reach out to the Sales contact on our CONTACT US page to inquire.

Professional Services and Custom Projects

We can help you commission and deploy new products after purchase, to ensure a smooth production launch. Please inquire about these options at the time of purchase.

We also have field service or return-to-factory plans to help you fulfil new IT security requirements for your existing encoding systems, via an upgrade of its current OS to the latest version. We will image and archive your current system, upgrade the OS, re-configure prior settings, re-license, and sanity check and test your newly updated system. Please reach out to the Sales contact on our CONTACT US page to inquire.


Integrate Everything − Design Anything − Deploy Anywhere with Zenium™

Building on the technology supply chain, Zenium works has allowed us to create solutions that have been battle-tested with millions of hours of production use on the world stage. It has been used extensively throughout the media and entertainment industry to transform legacy systems to state of the art cloud and edge solutions. It has proven its ability to scale, to perform, and to run reliably.

Customers have leveraged the framework directly to help them manage the massive amounts of data they deal with on a day-to-day basis, with some customers managing upwards of hundreds of terabytes of data daily. 

  • Fastest Time To Solution
  • Designed for Scale
  • Edge, Cloud, or Both
  • Proven Cost Reduction
  • Native Streaming Data
  • Multiple Revenue Models
  • Millions of Production Hours




Should you have functional and workflow needs that don’t quite match what standard industry products offer, come to us to discuss your needs. Let a team that has developed award-winning products be an extension of your engineering team. Most of our architects and engineers have 20 years of experience in the media, entertainment and networking markets. Even if you don’t ultimately leverage a solution from us, we will be happy to review your requirements and offer any insight or recommendations that we may have.

When we develop a custom solution for you, it will be architected with the industry’s most flexible and scalable software framework, the microservices-based Zenium™ platform. Our latest standard products are themselves powered by Zenium, so they serve as prime examples of what Zenium can provide.

Along with our encoding products, our partners and third party vendors in the ecosystem have collectively developed and deployed other solutions, including playout, monitoring, video processing, media gateways, embedded and IoT products.

Within the Zenium platform, there are thousands of pre-existing components optimized for media and content delivery. All past and present products built on this software framework have access to this repository of technologies, and can quickly, robustly and securely instantiate any of the available components for its functional processing.